Online Blackjack Tips

It is important to know the ins and outs of blackjack in order to be able to win. Here are a few helpful tips for playing blackjack.

Blackjack is one of the few casino games that do not only require luck to win but also skills. No one is able to win every blackjack hand but having the knowledge of some blackjack playing tips will definitely help you to win a bit more frequently.

  • When playing blackjack at an online casino, you must pay attention to certain factors. First, check if the online casino has an eCOGRA certification which is the internet gaming watchdog agency.
  • Pick a casino that offers a varied selection of blackjack games. There is no particular blackjack game that would suit a particular person so it will be better if you try out all variations and see which one you like the most.
  • For the more serious online blackjack players, there are many books and computer simulations out there that have found convincing evidence to support the statistical lead that a player can earn while using basic strategy at the blackjack table. Should you wish to extremely lessen the roll of chance in your blackjack game, you should definitely start studying a basic strategy quick chart today.
  • Split your aces all the time. If you are dealt two aces at one time, always split them in two separate hands because this will give you two promising soft hands. A 52-deck card has 16 cards that have a value of ten so if you split your two aces, there is a very high possibility that you will hit 21 with one of your slit hands. Whenever there is a chance for you to increase the odds of a higher payout, do so.
  • It goes the same for 8s. If you have a pair of 8s, split it because a hard 16 will likely get you busted compared to two hands that are valued at eight. This will create better chances or possibilities of profit.
  • On the other hand, do not split 10s and just stick to the hard hand value of 20.
  • Never take insurance because it isn’t a good bet at all. When the dealer’s upcard is ace, you will have an option to take insurance. If the dealer has a natural, you insurance bet will protect you but the chances of the dealer getting a 21 is also low so naturally the insurance bet will not payoff.
  • Counting cards is a strategy that might not be too useful. There really is no way you can keep up with the dealer so it would be best to just stick with the basic strategy and perfecting it if you can.
  • Always hit if you have a hand of 11 or less. In this hand, you situation can only be improved but if you have a hand value of 12, things might start getting tricky. But if your hand adds up to 11 or less, then go for the hit.
  • When the dealer’s card is up to ten, then keep on hitting until you get 17. Once you have a soft 17 and the dealer is showing a ten, then go for the hit again. Any hand over 17 needs to stand.